Semi In Ground Pools
Semi In Ground Pools

Semi In Ground Pools

Available in many different shapes and sizes! Please contact Branon’s for more information and pricing on the Rockwood Pool.


The Rockwood Pool model offers a wide selection of installation combinations for a customized look with your landscape.  Available in various sizes of round, oval, key & kidney shapes, a Rockwood can be installed above-ground, partially in-ground or totally in-ground!  Another great feature of this pool is the exterior finish* (if installed above-ground or partially in-ground), it is up to you — aluminum, vinyl, wood — any exterior finish you want!

Rockwood – Above Ground
The Rockwood Pool is solid as a rock! Its galavanized steel structure ensures optimum stability. Capable of supporting the weight of a car, the Pool was designed to withstand the harshness of cold climates (such as Vermont’s).  Whether it be wind, rain, snow, ice, freezing or thawing conditions…. the Rockwood says it all in it’s name!
Rockwood – Semi In Ground

The Rockwood Pool is perfect for any type of land: sandy, rocky or clay. With its ruggedness and ease of assembly, it offers numerous landscaping and layout possibilities. The Rockwood has all the qualities you look for in a pool and will provide summertime fun year after year!


Rockwood – In Ground

Built for life. The features of the Rockwood Pool make it one of the best, toughest pools available on the market.  The synthetic resin- finished edges, as well as the vinyl liner, are treated against UV rays. The pool is constructed of galvanized steel panels ( 14 gauge) at a height of 52″ with a Zinc coating (Z-735) for lasting durability.  It is so resistant, each pool comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY against corrosion.


Rockwood – ‘Versatility & Beauty in the Backyard’

* Exterior finish is not included in Branon’s Pool Package prices. Exterior finish (if applicable) is homeowner’s responsibility after pool has been installed.


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