Pool & Spa Chemicals

Branon’s Pool has a variety of chemicals in store – come stock up for the entire season!


Chlorine, Bromine, Non-Chlorine – you name it!

Take a look at a few of the brands we keep in stock.



Going Non-Chlorine just got easier! Water treated with Pristine Blue feels softer and does not have that chemical odor smell. Safe for the Environment!
  • Gentle on Equipment & Liners
  • Safe for Swimmers eyes & Clothing!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE! Enjoy the pool – only treat every 2 weeks!
  • Overall Better Water Quality
  • Can be used in Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs


Enjoy a Clean pool all BAQUACILseason long! Baquacil features a 3 step, chlorine free process for the path to a clear pool.
  • Lasting strength against bacteria with Baquacil Sanitizer & Algistat
  • Non-Chlorine Oxidizer to kill organic compounds
  • Gentle on Water, Eyes, Skin & Equipment
  • With 1 application – bacteria is controlled for 10 to 14 days!
Chlorine based chemicals that shock and sanitize your pool!
  • Problem Water? Problem solved – with POOLIFE Shocks & OxidizersPOOLIFE
  • Simple; Weekly steps to ensure a sparkling clear swimming pool
  • Beats All bacteria – seen & unseen throughout the pool season
  • Low Dose – weekly treatments to keep water crystal clear!
 Non Chlorine based Spa & Hot Tub regimen to help maintain healthy and clear water all year round!


  • 3 Step weekly maintenance to keep clarity in check
  • Safe for Skin, Eyes, and Bathing Suits
  • Non Chlorine system and no chemical smell

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